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  • Bone & Plate Holding Forceps
  • Bone and plate holidng forceps are used to hold, stabilize, rotate and compress bones. They are used during orthopaedic surgeries to correct bone fractures. Depending on the need of the orthopaedic surgeons we have various kinds of instruments like pointed speed lock, self centering bone holding forceps, lane holdong forceps with ratchet and many more.

    Burn's Bone Holding Forceps
    Lane Bone Holding Forceps
    Lane Bone Holding Forceps with Ratchet
    Lowman Bone Clamp
    Patella Holding Forcep

    Size : 175,210,240mm.

    Reduction Forcep Serrated Jaw Speed Lock

    Size : 170, 200, 240mm

    Reduction Forcep Pointed-Speed Lock

    Size : 180,210,240mm

    Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps

    Size : 150, 190, 240, 260, 280mm

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