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About Us

An ISO 9001-2008 and CE certified company, Nulife Ortho is a market leader in India and abroad in the Manufacturer, exporter and distributor of orthopaedic implants and instruments. With the vast knowledge of Mr. Ashok Aneja (Chairman), Experience and super quality of Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments, we have gained tremendous brand preference and customer loyalty.

We, at Nulife Ortho make a conscious effort to develop a long-term relationship with our customers, vendors, bankers, staff members and others. The professionally managed company, observing higher business ethics, is committed to the quality of its personnel, products and services.


Quality Certification

We ensure that the quality standards of our products are in complete compliance with the international quality standards. Our efforts to provide quality products to our clients, has also earned us recognition, in the form of ISO 9001-2008 and CE certification. To produce products under the prescribed quality standards, our products are subjected to stringent quality control measures.

Our Implants are made of 316-L GR Stainless Steel to meet basic requirements of orthopedic Implants as per ISO-5831/1: 1997 Composition-"D". This 316-L Stainless Steel is also compatible to the International Standards Like: BS-7252/1: 1997 Composition-"D" ASTM: F- 138: 1992-GR 2: & DIN-17443: 1986-1.4441.



Our Products

Owing to our exemplary service, quality goods and ability to supply our customers more than what they expect, that we have a strong, global client base. Our products are respected in the industry for their quality standards, utility and customized pricing.

BONE SCREWS / LOCKING BONE SCREWS: We export all types of Plastic Cutting Instruments, manufactured using high quality raw material.

BONE PLATES / LOCKING BONE PLATES: We manufacture and export high qualityBone Plates. These assist vitally in healing of broken and fractured bones.

HIP PROSTHESIS/ THOMPSON/BIPOLAR/A.M.P: Manufactured using hi-tech technology, these hip prosthesis are in exact compliance with international quality standards.

ORTHOPAEDIC NAILS / TIBIA / FEMUR / HUMERUS / PFN / TFN: These high quality Interlocking Nailsmanufactured by us are engineered to perfection, for effective functioning in fixation methods.

WIRES & PIN: We manufacture and export superior quality Wires & Pins, which firmly hold the fragments of bones in place

TUBULAR EXTERNAL FIXATOR: These Tubular External Fixator are produced under high surveillance to ensure international standards of quality.

BONE DRILL & WIRE INSTRUMENTS: The Bone Drill & Wire Instrumentsmanufactured by us penetrate effectively in the cortical bone with 0% failure.

BONE & PLATE HOLDING FORCEPS: We manufacture & export Bone & Plate Holding Forceps, using high quality stainless steel and precisioned technology.

BONE CUTTING INSTRUMENTS: We manufacture & export high qualityBone Cutting Instruments like, Bone Hammer, Bone Hook, Sharp Hook, etc.

PLASTER CUTTING INSTRUMENTS: We export all types of Plastic Cutting Instruments, manufactured using high quality raw material.

These products are used across the the globe in hospitals for implants such as Austin Moore-Hip Prosthesis, Interlocking Nails, K-Nails, Bone Plates, D.H.S. Plates, DCP, LCDCP, Condylar Plates, Cortical & Cancellous Screw & other Implants in 316-L stainless steel according to the American Specification of ISO Standard.

Our Strenth

The Biggest strength we have is our Team which is managed by our chairman Click Here